Are you looking for a unique volunteer opportunity to help out Caring Hands? How about a BREAD RUN! It’s an easy route, just pick up bread at Pleasant Hill HyVee and drive it to Caring Hands. 8 AM Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Pick your day(s) while the selection is still at its best.!


Are you interested in volunteering your time to assist at the Caring Hands Food Pantry or Clothes Hanger?  Click here to download the Volunteer Application.  Once you have the application filled out, simply email it to


Interviewing clients, preparing boxes, carrying boxes to client’s vehicle, yard work, sorting clothes, or making food/monetary donations.

We need drivers to use either our van or their own mini-to-full size van to stop by the food bank on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to pick up produce and eggs

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FOOD: Canned goods, breads, hamburger helper, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, boxed foods and all dry foods.

MEAT: Some are not able to afford meat for daily intake.

PRODUCE: Any fruit and vegetables you can provide are a great help.


CLOTHING: Gently used men’s, women’s, children, and infant clothing, NEW undergarments, and Towels, Blankets

There are many people with many needs. Some needs are as small as needing a new pair of shoes. But more than anything else, people need food and clothing. Please join us in reaching out to those in need.

The list of people asking for help grows larger every day. We needed a building to work from to make it easier to help the communities around us and to grow our ability to help in other areas of ministry.

We would appreciate any type of vehicle that works. Our biggest needs for transportation are as follows.

  • box van
  • moving truck pick up truck (but we also will take any vehicle that is in good running condition)


There are so many children who would like to have toys but their parents cannot afford to buy them any. To us it seems so small and not even a necessity. But to a child it can be a dream. That in itself is important. Children need to know that “money” doesn’t make dreams come true, it is love. We would like to make it a goal that with every family we help, each child is able to have at least one toy (in good condition) to play with.

We would also like to give these children books to read at home on a rainy day. They also need school supplies. Any writing books, paper, pencils, pens that you can offer will give these families the opportunity to buy food instead.


It may appear strange to you that we are asking this. But we are making a call to doctors, dentists, optometrists and healthcare professionals in the area to donate their time to some of these families. There are medical needs that people are unable to get treatment for because they lack the finances to pay for their consultations and prescriptions. Your time would be a huge blessing for some of these people and could possibly change their lives forever.

Of all things we are asking everyone and anyone to care through…

Spreading the word to others about our organization

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