2018 Springtime Hill Climb

The 2018 Springtime Hill Climb was held Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Doanes Park in Pleasant Hill, Iowa! It was a chilly day, but we had a great race! Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who came out to run!




Organizers are dedicated not to disappoint and every year from the start we have received nearly a 100% satisfaction on our post race survey. Whether you are a new runner looking for a challenging 5k or a long distance runner looking for a 10k training challenge to prepare for Dam to Dam or another upcoming long distance race, this race is for you.

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The Springtime Hill Climb is a race designed by runners just like you. We run on the trails and tracks you do, we ran Dam to Dam, the WAMM, the Warrior, the DSM Marathon and many others right beside you and we designed this race for you!

2018 Springtime Hill Climb Sponsors


Click here for 2017 Springtime Hill Climb Results and Photo information!

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